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fingers crossed for a snort amongst giggles
photo by Gavin Watson

fru-fru la Lu-Lu


Happy New Year chaps and chapesses- or HNY according to those in the know, don't you know. Who knows.
Hope yours was delicious. Not much of a Christmas girl myself, I'm starting to think NY is more my thing- certainly in terms of new beginnings and looking forward. I feel excited and I'm not really sure why- but I can't wait to find out. What's the general consensus regarding NY resolutions? Not usually a great believer, I have indulged in a little 'fresh start' spirit myself; three is a magic number-

1. Learn Spanish
2. See family more
3. Keep the monthly smokes count at an all-time low

Alas. I think I am most insufferably excitable over CRNY's future and all the things I hope it will hold. Armed with my own super-geek I am planning a total revamp. It just feels right, right now- as it did in Habitat the other day when my unsuspecting bed was transformed from cosy Cath Kidston to slinky black plus rainbow embroidery. Strange sounding I know but surprisingly sweet like black cherries- and a little velvet cushion thrown in for good measure.
So for 2010, here's to hoping it's a year that flies sky-high.

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