Apple of my eye

alpha-betty go-getty

I really just wanted to share this with you. I'm falling asleep at the keyboard with screen pink-eye but I just really wanted you to see this. Sort of like the way you'd want to share a pink sunset with someone. It's flappy-magazine size reminds me of my treasured ChloƩ clutch. I am suddenly aware of my massive attraction to massive envelope clutches. The idea seems so romantic and laid-back to me. I take one look at the Marc by Marc Magazine clutch and images of strolling through Greenwich Village with a folded newspaper in tow are instantly evoked. Maybe it's because of my weird word fetish but I believe there's something about letters. Something kind of electric. Like the colour of chalk scrawled across a blackboard.


ELIZA said...

nice blog x


Chy said...

So cute!!!