LB Chapter 2

fruit pastel

For her next trick, Luella conjured her own version of the 80's. The ex-Editor's interpretation was sporty, stream-lined and grafitti-splattered, in a fusion palette of pastels laced with neon. Models, including Kate Moss, stalked the runway with slicked back hair and an even slicker attitude. Luella had generated hype among the fashionati, so much so that Style.com's Armand Limnander tooted Miss Bartley as 'the darling of London's new generation of 'it' girls'. In this bright, young, fun collection, Luella's gift for covetable detail began to prevail, premiering in the form of ice lolly orange pop socks and clogs.
The mod theme that cruised through her previous collection still glimmered occasionally, with same-colour shirt and tie combos and narrow tailoring. Tube dresses worn over mesh leggings hinted at a 1980's Essex gel' on her holidays, while Kate Moss in a slackish tuxedo reminiscent of Le Smoking was chosen to finalé. Clearly, Bartley was excited and taken by so many subcultural influences, even further to that, Luella was painting all kinds of pictures with her earlier collections. Here was a young designer truly in love with youth and style, marrying the two in a subcultural wonderland like never before.

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