love you lots like jelly tots

tell me about it..STUD

It's been nine naughty days of nothing BUT I'm hoping these little babies will suffice to save the day. Just look at them. Last pair> in the sale> in my size> MINE. So far, they are my greatest expectation for NYE...I'm just hoping they clash wickedly with the 40's style playsuit I was planning on wearing. Fingers crossed for the outfit coming together in a totally laid-back, hap-hazard, slap-dash way.
I sincerely hope you are all still enjoying turkey sandwiches and tins of Roses. Right now, my fridge makes me excited.


Dolores said...

awesome x

Fashionista in Training said...

i love those heels!
they would look incredible with a blouse and sparkly hot pants&tights.

Kharas said...

they totally would :)