Love you lots like jelly tots

hearts and flowers

What snowy weather we've been having.
It's helping me get into the festive mood, by all means. For some reason this year my hearts not quite in it, and I'm no faker. But the frosty pavements are definitely giving me a helping hand.
There is a new addition to the CRNY team. Her name is Penny. Penny Pentax (the camera). She's so lush and this is her first snap. Love her work. Sooo this is a little assortment of nice that I wanted to share with you. The bag is a delicious blend of antique and faux, the mirror is a super sexi secret santa present from Russell of 'I am on the List' and the Minnie ears. Oh, the Minnie ears. Truth be told I don't wanna take them off. I wear them cleaning my room, I wear them on the phone, and I especially wear them when rolling around playing silly beggars with the BOY. Ask Santa for some. They cheer me, half-way to christmas cheer.

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