A Change of a Dress

When the chips are down and the cookie has crumbled all over the shop, something stable and consistent, like a best friend or a pep talk from your ma can help oodles. Other times, attending a fabulous party with a cocktail permanently glued to your grasp and fabulously fickle fashion can serve as the perfect distraction from tossers and disappointment. With a cosmo hangover already nailed down, that just left the latter.
The fickle nature of fashion used to make me feel uneasy and shallow. But, with a deeper consideration, the ever-changing mood of fashion is simultaneously what makes it so much fun. As a for-instance, cast your mind back to the last wardrobe trauma you had- possibly you were just in a self-damning mood, or maybe after scanning the very familiar possibilities you were craving a change. Shopping outside your comfort zone can be a little unnerving, but think of the times you’ve hastily grabbed a top for a night out, slipped it on and felt almost like someone else- not in a disturbing, self-loathing way but in a keep em’ guessing, keep it fresh kinda way. Fashion allows us to play parts, to flirt with different characters, be it Hitchcock heroine or offbeat Edie Sedgwick, by having the ability to adopt the style of characters who are worlds apart, we adopt a little of their fresh perspective; who wouldn’t feel like a siren wearing a figure-hugging skirt-suit, heels and a scarlet pout? Hell, an outfit like that would inspire an involuntary wiggle to anyone’s walk.
When it’s so easy to get lost in the same old life routine, change is such a welcoming concept, though more often that not, the opportunity for big, exciting change remains scarce. Luckily for us, it is inevitable that there will be a new season lurking just around the corner, full of fresh new promise, and, true to the backlash nature of fashion, full of much-needed change.
In the words of Jonny Rotten, a bloke who screamed and hollered for change, never mind the bollocks; - look at the pretty dresses.

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Sara Lou said...

fan-fuckin-tastic, as always x