Desperately Seeking Scrunchie

Hands up who’s in a hair rut? If you’ve turned your back on the chopping- it- all- off bandwagon but are still hankering for a little change then get yourself re-acquainted with eighties-tastic hair accessories, and get your hair DID.
In an era positively crammed with style innovators, we’re all wide-eyed and ears pricked on a 24/7 basis, waiting for the next big love affair with the next big ‘that’s so hot right now’ item. Consequently, bizarre archaic items are more consistently rearing their ugly heads, stepping out of fashion’s better left forgotten past, and swanning right into the present spotlight. Like the recently resurrected leather trouser before them, 80’s hair accessories a la Desperately Seeking Susan are on the cusp of a revival. Oh yeah. Let your papa and your mama preach- we’re about to fall in love deep.
So, as always when road-testing a new trend the key is to avoid looking a twat. Think Cyndi Lauper and Madonna in their prime- the look is almost undone; whether you choose wavy n’ wild or a half-hearted up-do, a head scarf, cheeky bow or even a tiara will just make sense. This trend is more versatile than you may initially think, instantly adding a certain summin’ summin’ to a previously plain Jane outfit. F.Y.I.- peek-a-boo shoulders are a must.
The path of fashion is a random and always surprising one, with familiar ghosts popping up out of the blue at every turn. Anyone feeling the return of the scrunchie yet? Rest-assured, it can only be a matter of time.

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