The Jean Genie

For some unknown cosmic reason, some unknown cosmic fashion force will occasionally lazily point its finger at some totally un-suspect garm, granting it with ‘that’s so now’ status. One-by-one the fashion forward crowd will receive said cosmic memo and relentlessly seek it out Lord of the Rings stylee. For reasons unknown, for those who remain unknowing, right now, s’all about the denim jacket.
Initially hesitant, and still very much haunted by my Moto jeans n’ jacket denim combo lurking in my not too distant fashion past, I was instantaneously won over when I rediscovered my old Moto faithful; oh how shiny and new it looked over some sexual American Apparel clobber. Damn fashion force had me on my knees again.
But the course of true love never runs smooth. Outside, it was the kind of freezing that makes you curse under your breath like a grumpy old git. Alas, somewhere, some bright spark had introduced the pretty little denim jacket to the handsome, and also hot hot hot flying jacket who evidently got it on and spawned the comeback of the sheep skin lined denim jacket. Wham bam thank you m’am.

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