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One day, not so long ago, our four favourite gals slurped on 'we're here for you' lunchtime cocktails singing 'Memories' in a cosmopolitan haze. With the news that we are on the cusp of making a whole load of new ones, I indulged. And felt all the better for it. I'm sure there are many out there just like me. We watch, laugh and cry and then get on with our lives for just about long enough to forget our favourite outfits and bury our favourite Sammy-J one-liners. Until one day, we dust off our treasured copy and enjoy it all over again.
It is for the reasons listed above and oh so many more, that I decided to pay a mini CRNY tribute to the fabulous four with some of my favourite outfits that I have collated since my last hit two weeks ago. Still can't champion an ultimate favourite though. It's just not that easy.
Following my own worried inhibitions over the movie sequel, I am now ready.
Bring it on.

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Chy said...

The fashion in that movie is insane!