Love you lots like jelly tots

nudey rudey

So. After swearing off retail therapy forever whilst approaching the 'pay here' sign in Camden treasure trove slash charity shop TRAID, look who was awaiting me. I glanced around, desperado for someone to stop me, to remind me of money's inability to grow on trees but no. I was blissfully uninterrupted. £3.49. Hmm. Things I could buy for £3.49...a cheap and cheerful lippy, lunch, dinner at a stretch. Na. I'm pretty sure my little Italian friend will bring me more happiness. Especially as I have got into the habit of leaving my prettiest possessions dotted around my room for my own personal enjoyment/reminder that I don't need anything. Repeat to self; I DON'T NEED ANYTHING.
Better luck next time.


frances said...

but... but it's so preeetty, lunch isnt that pretty. well it depends what you eat. but PRETTY. i love it.

Kharas said...

fair point!x