Get your default out

posey parachute

sex specs

you know what they say about red shoes...

beetlejuice black

I feel to explain myself regarding this 'Get your default out' business. Basically I love street style above anything fashionlicious. Think of facebook as a trendy cyber street, a vast database of your most bitching style ready for the plucking which exists as a much more accessible source of fresh independent style than the happening nucleus' that exist in several corners of major cities. As trends continue to bubble up from the street instead of filtering down from a catwalk in the sky, street style is what it's all about Alfie. 'Get your default out' champions you style instigators, you brers with your finger on the pulse of something that emerges almost as a feeling, you know like when you put two colours/patterns together and you simply just feel it? Hard to explain but uber exciting when the penny drops. So yeah, continue flashing your default by all means, cos you're sexy, and I like it.

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