Love. Your. Work.

what, this old thing?

I'm not usually into doggy style but this spaniel is something else. Meet Harley blue Kharas. He can often be found harbouring a pair of your knickers or fashioning his blanket into a boxer-esque cape and swaggering up and down the kitchen. Tyson eat your heart out. Never have I met a puppy so pleased to play dress-up. Here he is in an array of blingety-bling accessories for your eyes only. ID tag, models own.


Anonymous said...

it seems to be audrey hepburn ( in breakfast at tiffanys)style..;)

Kharas said...

haha yeah seems about right! such a strange pup xx

Audrey Leighton said...

this is adorable.

i love you jodie and this sartorial hounddd.