Ditsy over detail

Marlboro Light

Dashing clashing

Although I am on an official 'time out' in the partially-sunny Algarve, my magpie's eye just won't quit. Check it. Chloé's S/S '09 collection was all about scalloped edges. I am a firm believer in tiny details being oh so significant. Whether it be the modish slash skinhead fastening of a top button or the up-turn of the sleeve on a denim jacket, it is through this sign-of-the-times change to detail that we can witness fashion's evolution. Always one to willingly throw myself onto the Chloé bandwagon, I am as always, thoroughly enjoying the label's stunningly simple and cuddle-it-to-you covetable version of feminine dressing. CRNY is officially feeling the humble rag doll-dress vibes. Good golly, miss Molly is this season's dolly. 


Madeline said...

YES this was the best Chloe collection since Spring 06 YES. Glad someone else sees it, surprised all the fashion bloggy ladies haven't been all over it honestly. I am crazy for scalloped edges, and those little shorts are SO foxy. Ahem. YES.

Kharas said...

I agree. Amaaaaaaazing.

The shorts are seriously foxy but in a subtle girly way. That's what we like.x