Love you lots like jelly tots

Chloé down lowey

Hey, times are hard. Splurging on designer trinkets was cheeky back in the days of 2007, but in the current moment of economic crisis, it's just plain naughty. That is why it's such a good idea to get back to the roots of your wardrobe. Think rummaging deep instead of digging deep into your pockets and you just might fall in love with a previous purchase slash wardrobe gem all over again. This is my guiltiest of pleasures. Flying high on my student loan, my giant Chloé clutch stared back at me through the glass like an adorable pup. How much was this doggy in the window? too much, but I don't regret it. Not for one second. Woof woof.


Goldswan said...

I love nailpolish ! I should buy a yellow one. It gives an eccentric style ! Nice blog by the way !

name here? said...

love the blog
'chloe down lowey'