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nice ride

The answer is no. No, Chloé Sevigny never runs out of fresh and juicy inspiration when it comes to getting dressed. No she never has an off day either. Just in case you were wondering. Here is Chloé in Chloé plus a Marc Jacobs boater hat, photographed at the Veuve Clicquot Manhattan Polo Classic on Saturday. Whilst admiring her quirky ensemble, I came across this pleasant cycling pic. Currently resurrecting my old lady bicycle that I bought on ebay a few years back, Sevigny-style transport is the aim. Who needs four wheels?


Anonymous said...

i have 2 of these bikes for sale.. (maybe)..

keep up the good work dodie.


Kharas said...

oh really?

how much, hypothetically liiike?

Daisy's looking pretty shabster, dunno if i can bring her back from the brink. Had a little cycle the other day, got the impression she might actually be a bit of a deathtrap...

cheers langers xx

leilani.e said...

hurrah bikes! that second pic is going in the saved file fo' sure. took a spin last night, but my head (and the tires) wear all empty.

Kharas said...

it's a lush pic isn't it.
i really wanna go on a bike ride