This week i have mostly been donning...

put a sock innit

cult cool for school

When I was at school i loved Clueless so much that we started a girl gang with more sass than five spice girls put together. The tart gang grew and grew until the entire female population of year six had rolled up their skirts, applied tinted lip balm and full-on converted to being disciples of teen America circa Beverly Hills. Ahh, the nineties. Knee socks were inevitable. Though, I can't say for sure what inspired me to suddenly start wearing them on a daily basis, despite Blighty's shitty attempt at a summer, I think it may have had something to do with a girl that sailed into work about four months ago. Working a seriously muted palette of grey, khaki and beige she pulled it off and some. Hair in a 'whatever Trevor' top-knot and Chloe bag in tow, she was a breath of fresh air amongst some really uninspiring dressers. ANY WHO, they are actually becoming more and more vital to me during the summer slash grey mish mash climate. Rid yourself of any slutty paranoia. The fact that they come just below the knee draws attention to schoolgirl knees, not call-girl thighs. Deep black or Smoky grey a la those constantly resurrected Miu Miu/Prada socks born a few seasons ago are my personal faves. And they look just smashing with summer brogues and old English florals. Hell I've even been tempted to dig out my English teacher bicycle as an accessory to the socks...WARNING: once worn, these socks may get too big for their boots.  


Hayley said...

I love the knee-high sock look, so stylish and it reminds me of my primary school days in the 90s. They are a complete God-send in this "summer" we are having here in England. Although today was lovely, except I was at work all day.
Love the blog.


Kharas said...

do you remember the white long socks for little girls with holes in? i used to have those loved them xx