Ohh mate

Because the night
She shaved bald
She put on her good knickers
The ones that made her tonk arse peachy
She put her phone where the lit-up screen would catch her eye
She drank heavily in watering hole waiting rooms
She danced as if he were watching
She was drunk as a skunk.
She lied she’d be fine
She breathed in nicotine deep
She walked the tightrope in the dead of night
She swayed between juggling and falling
She prayed for an open door
She wished for open arms
She felt like youth
She felt like the living
Romance. Was. Dead.
She heard joy division
She occasionally jumped the gate of the fortress
She caught sight of her flexed thigh and felt like a character on a celluloid screen
Redheaded siren
She stumbled and shuffled past rolling eyes
She wanted to run
She fell into the dark room
She fell into him
She wanted it this way for always
She wanted to come right out of her crawling skin.
Because the night.

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