A Poem About S-E-X

She’s thinking put your hand on my thigh
He’s thinking I wonder what her skin tastes of
She’s thinking not too gentle sissy ain’t attractive
He’s thinking I wanna walk my fingers further up…up…up
She’s thinking her knickers are gonna ignite
He’s thinking of the outline of her lip as he traces it down…down
She’s thinking of his face above hers
He’s thinking I gotta have a taste
She’s thinking she’s gonna bite her lip off
He’s thinking now or never
She’s thinking now
He’s thinking fuuuuuckkk
She’s thinking harder
He’s thinking she never looked so beautiful
She’s thinking switch
He’s thinking kings of leon
She’s thinking rumbaaaaa
He’s thinking grannies and cold showers
She’s thinking slowly slowly
He’s thinking blow me blow me
She’s thinking here come the drums
He’s thinking ohh to the back of his throat
She’s thinking ahh to the tip of her toes
He’s reaching for his Marlboros
She’s high as a kite.


HarryMapston said...

...but kites that never see the dawn,
are left alone come the morn,
with rattled sticks and tangled string, marlborough butts and stains on things, always grasping for the sky, it's hardly any wonder why,
come morning sun and sober mind,
the marlborough man is hard to find.

Ara said...