Little bit in love with Lykke Li

Lykke Li we wanna lykke your face. Hard. The Swedish born singer has coolly exploded onto the music scene offering up her own sweet ‘n sour brand of alternative pop music and even more alternative hip-popping, Phoebe off Friends- kinda dancing. It’s always refreshing when an innovative music cat crosses our path amidst all of the nothing music that’s clogging up the charts today. We sure have been thirsty for something N-E-W. And Lykke sure is a tall drink of water. ‘Cept she’s more sugary. Like lemonade. Ahhh.
The song that has knocked me head over heels is ‘Little bit’, perhaps the juiciest fruit of her labour. When my ex first played the track to me, my initial reaction was “This song makes me feel indescribably weird and her dancing is invading my own personal space”. Alas, like many things that I have fallen in love with- boys, the taste of olives and jelly sandals- that initial peculiar impression crawled beneath my skin. Now the more I hear/see, the more I lykke. I’m smitten with the oh so slightly oriental melody and her moody 5-year old girl frown. She’s freaky and I like it.

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