Oh Burdy
You dead dirty.
You've reached that point again
And it's only five to ten
You down it down it
Til you found it found it
Your fucked n' fabulous alter ego
Muchas gracias vino vino
We love you for your roley poleys,
For taking a tumble and making another pair of tights holey
"Did she just grab his balls?"
Of course she did, it's drunk Burdy you fools!
Whether you're using your lipgloss as a front-door key,
Or stumbling to a stupidly public place to have a wee,
When your beautiful self is propped against a wall,
Is when we love you most of all.

1 comment:

HarryMapston said...

Rolling round on sticky floors,
pushing hard on pulling doors,
look arround you're in the mens,
chucking up on all your friends,
now you're back from the loo,
a bit of sick on your shoe,
then the brew makes Burden gay,
and you know what we all say,
even though it hurts to think,
my god that girl can't take her drink.