Infernal Nocturnal

Pissed off and Faithless, I can’t get no sleep
Tried lullabies and counting sheep
Fantasised and nostalgia’s misty eyes
Still my mind ticks and my peepers wide

“Um are you still awake cos I think there’s a ghost in my room?”
Phone stays silent and so do you.
Its times like these I could do with a shipmate
To hold me tight when shadows trick, and clocks tick late

Na fuck that actually.
And I kick that sailor overboard
It’s better going solo; duvets mine to hoard.
I can hear foxy screeching and it somehow strikes a chord
Or maybe it’s a poor lady cat getting treated like a whore

Either way, it’s still late and I wish we could talk some more.

1 comment:

Harry not Larry said...

Maybe too much Caffeine,
keeps you from the land of dreams,
where unicorns are purple,
and chocolate runs in streams,

or simply it's your worries,
running round your head,
causing all that trouble,
and keeping you from bed.

I like to think a cuddle,
instead of counting sheep,
would scare away your troubles,
and send you off to sleep.

In my personal opinion,
I think I'd have to say,
that having fifty winks,
well worth sharing the duvet.