AnOther 13

source: 30 doradus

AnOther magazine reveals the visuals to their debut scent AnOther 13. The images taken by and of Photographer Lina Scheynius maintain her trademark sense of spontaneity and sex. Completely bowled over by her slap-dash methodology.

We didn't want to make a traditional perfume image, but something more real and raw. I have done loads of self-portraits in the past – it's very much part of my work and how I started out. AnOther asked if I would be interested in doing a self-portrait for the scent and I loved that idea. So I found a nice five star hotel, checked in there on my own with only my cameras and a load of film and a couple of ChloĆ© outfits, and spent the evening playing around. I shot the images on Polaroid film. I love how it is instant so that I at least have some idea of where I am heading when I can't look through the lens and I love the vintage feeling of them.

I used some of the last boxes of Polaroid I managed to find. It's getting almost impossible getting a hold of them these days. When I work it is almost always spontaneous, and that's how I love to keep it. I don't spend a lot of time planning or thinking about why or how, I just find something that attracts my eye and then I play around with it. I usually have an idea of where to start, but not where to finish. I love it most when I manage to surprise myself. I don't like to tell the viewer what they should see in the images either. I think one of the beautiful things about photography is that every viewer can find their own story in the picture.”

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