Bambi love

Stella land
with one eye open
deerly beloved
bambi on ice
So I watched Bambi last night.
What a delightful matinée. First screened in 1942 (unbelievable). As the speckled fawn got his legs in a dither I became fixated. I can't really say why. But sometimes we're not alone in our 'can't quite put my finger on it' affection for the most random muses. Because someone, somewhere, in another matinée scenario found themselves also struck by the same fuchsia lightning strike as I did, and someone somewhere else to because cast-your-eyes on these products of absurd muse. Stella's Fall 09'campaign featured Bambi's gang and Jean Charles de Castelbajac's A/W 10/11 collection was awash with the rascal. 
We're seriously into Bambi. 
Especially his legs.

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