Flicking through some


Happy sunday.
So, we've reached the end of another weekend. How do you feel? Contented? Or that tricksy bite of frustration that you just didn't work it enough? I find myself caught somewhere between the two. Yes, I can say I ticked mundane slash 'need to do it to get through the week' chores off the list but, I went on a bit of a spending flex yesterday. The milky bars were most certainly on me. Well over a hundred quid gone in a day and mainly, unfortunately, it went on my insatiable need to splurge and eat out. There is some seismic romantic pull that sucks me in to eating out all too often. Food, sex and style are the most interesting subjects of conversation. Combining all of the above becomes some hot, verbal threesome.
So. Here lies an image that's submerged itself into my consciousness since the first time I laid eyes on it, pasted onto a white brick wall on the corner of Woodstock road. I am all about the images at the moment. Words will be an eternal fixture in my mind's kitchen but just lately, I'm having a bit of an image moment. Surrounding myself with images I love but can't say exactly why has become my favourite past time. I am even concocting a portrait wall of lovable mugs as we speak. Each one is worth more than a thousand words. Thems the rules.

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