Dirty pretty thing


Yikes. That's hot.
Uber sex label Kiki De Montparnasse are responsible for making me consider spending around £90 for this baby. I have fallen. Hard. Some say 'treat yourself' while others think it's an overpriced scrap of material. So I'm sending the question of purchase out into the great bloggish void- should I? Shouldn't I?
Shouda woulda coulda.


Harry not Larry said...

Shhexeh. Could you not make one yourself for much much less? I know that defeats the purpose but you end up with the same thing.
Much love. <3

Firuze French said...

Make it instead, the design is quite simple and you'd just have to either splash out on some nice fabric or buy an extra long top, cut the bottom and add suspender clips! Yum.