Love you lots like jelly tots


Evening all.
Hot diggety it's been a long two weeks.
Jam-packed though.

I hope you're all enjoying getting sprung weather-wise. Walking home the other day with a new job under my belt (Jodie Kharas- Trend Analyst) A new gorgeous flat amidst which my huge lofty room awaits me every 6PM with an open door and a cooking radiator, and finally, a brand new attitude. Which, as it turns out, is even better than new shoes. But I gots them too. Such an elegant wedge- looks absolutely cracking with my new charcoal grey calf-length jersey. Long and lean keeps me keen. So, like all good sporadic catch-ups, I have loads to tell. This mood is new to me. I laughed walking through the tube today ALONE. Yes, partly because I'd just shared an intimate fall with a very nice stranger but also because I feel like I'm on a suspended high. For the first time in ages I can't complain. And after a long, drawn-out winter, it feels like coming out of the dark and into the light. And oh, how it shimmers.

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Anonymous said...

gorgeous wedges! and oh, how i envy you that feeling!