Birthday Suit

go ahead JUMP

Alright SO. In a massive effort to see in my twenty-third year in a fabulous Samantha Jones fashion, I wanted to find something a little special. The theme is overdressed left kinda open to my nearest and dearest to interpret any which way they damn well please. Finally getting used to the idea that I'd just go with a mediocre ensemble with the inevitable flash of the pins, the 'jumpsuits' sign caught my eye as I exited Rokit with nothing but a new slip in tow. One of those moments when you end-up congratulating yourself for rooting through many a strange creation for the chance that there just might be a hidden gem awaiting you. Apprehensive at first, especially at the prospect of getting a little hot and bothered on the dance floor in the wee hours, I no longer care. This is the only birthday suit for me. Cue Sammy J-

"You gotta grab [twenty-three] by the balls and say hey world I'm [twenty-three]"


Fashionista in Training said...

i love this jumpsuit!
it really suits you. the little details are what makes it so special xx

Anonymous said...

Love this jumpsuit! super cool

Ally said...

love the outfit, you look great!