Sex Specs

a scratch of the ear...

says kiss me here

On a very nothing special evening a few months back, in the midst of a pile of magazines, I came across something a little bit special in Vogue. Created by Fashion Journalist Anna Laub, the PRISM eye wear range finally grants glasses with a little style kudos. Laub told Vogue;
"The idea came from having to put on my glasses at each show (to be able to see the collections), and it suddenly occurred to me that I was wearing really old awful glasses that I'd had for about eight years - and bought without thinking much about them."
Now this was an idea I could really get behind, I thought. So my delight was inevitable when a few months later Karis leaned over her desk to tell me about her new glasses. Suddenly it all clicked into place. Here's Karis modelling her lovely cream tortoise shell pair, taking a huge step away from the recent luke-warm after life of geek glasses, post-five minutes of style fame. I am certain that Prism will provoke a speedy resurrection for specs, though this time style is synonymous with purpose.
Super specksy.

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