Love you lots like jelly tots

black Russian

Evening all.
Frankly I'm feeling a little neurotic over my face being featured on CRNY. It was never my intention to get all myspace with angles and pouts and shit but I like my hat massively and surely life's too short to be umm-ing and eer-ing about such a trivial matter anyway. Lets leave it at that.
The soul purpose was to show-off my fantastical Russian loverrr. I've been rinsing it's romance over the weekend. It even soldiered through a rainy day in Chelsea. What a trooper. 
I believe the Russian hat trend to be one that was chanced last season somewhat timidly, on Bambi legs. This season, Bambi is all grown up and this trend has horns. The city is a-wash with furry head warmers, paying homage to Julie Christie in Dr Zhivago, perhaps explaining it's misty romantic connotations. To be honest, I don't wanna take mine off.

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