Love you lots like jelly tots

giddy- up

I couldn't go any further through the week without showing you my new bella Luella. Yes effectively I have willingly handed over a weeks food money for a small scrap of leather but it's more than that. It's my little piece of Luella, my little souvenir of a Designer brand that I can really get behind. As Ms Bartley is forced to pause anymore cheeky versions of English-pop for the time being, I panicked and wanted a little summin' summin' of my own. I just know there's a whole army of us waiting to go sick if someone doesn't throw some money at the problem soon. Stay tuned for the Luella story.

Is that a scratch on my Luella? Naughty bus driver.


Firuze French said...

Did you hear Luella has ceased trading? They've gone bust! NO!! I think it's all down to them aiming at us, the people who have to give up a week of food to buy from them!

Kharas said...

We were talking about the very same thing love. I think the Luella market is like overgrown girls that like slightly geeky fashion who don't have loads of money but still aspire to the kookiness of Luella. I'm gonna cover all of her collections because I love her :)