Love you lots like jelly tots

Meg and Mog

Look at these
dirty knees.

Buenos dias.
It's been a shamefully long stint since my last post I know. As I descend through my blogging life, I come to recognise and accept my dirty little blogging habits. When I nag myself to blog I suffer a proper teenage rebellion strop and I'll sneak out of the house from the side of myself that knows better, simultaneously evading blogging and tidying my room. On the flip-side, if I am busy, with a stack of things to do and not even dry from a bubble bath I'll runaway with my good as gold side, and get totally creative with tartan scarves and shit. My bath was lush thanks.
These are my trusty boots that I have been milking since I bought them in the last few days of summer. They actually go with anything and everything I've thrown at them. I think it's actually making them a little cocky but whatever. I am loving the Luella-esque quirk of these old Topshop socks too. Halloween charm is a tricksy treat.


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