Yo, Viv

Pammy= bessie mate

Vivienne Westwood is actually amazing: FACT. you have to see it to believe just how amazing we're talking. Her appearance on Jonathan Ross last Friday draped in a seven-metres-worth of dress, made me sit up and really listen, as she spoke about the dangers of climate change, which are looming too close for comfort. There are some people that command an intent listening when they wax lyrical about almost anything. I could listen contently to Westwood for hours and hours.

Promptly after introducing herself, she assured viewers that resisting consumption is far more rewarding;

"Don't buy anything. If you don't buy anything, when you do have enough money to buy something maybe you'll have more money than you used to have. Maybe you'll have a little pot of money and you'll really choose something well. Don't just keep buying things for the sake of it cos then everybody just looks alike"

I plan to accept this challenge and put my 'oh quick I just need to buy something NOW' money into a pot and see what happens. A Vivienne Westwood bag sounds good to me.

Finally, Ms Westwood urges YOU to join Prince Charles' petition in saving the Rainforest's- which coincidentally,  we can kiss goodbye to should climate change continue. Go fourth and 

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