Uni daze

red> amber> GO!


bye-bye gaddy

dressing-up box

brers 4eva x

Today I'd like to share some of my fondest slash most intoxicated memories with you, from my last, and most memorable year of uni. Looking back now, it was all fun, fun, fun as we lived life on an in-breath, whether something was going on or not, we played together and dossed together. yeah, we dressed up a lotttt. Gaddy's wardrobe was a constant source of inspiration post-nights out- weirdly more to the boy brers but whatever. 
So there you have it, snapshots of my most euphoric moments so far.
Uni life, I love you long time.


Becky said...

ah uni life is the best... can't wait to start at central saint martins in october! 2 degrees= definitely worth itt xx

Kharas said...

amazing, what courses are you doing?xx