Apple of my eye

oi oi savaloy

Yeah there's something about nude isn't there? For ladies that style, nude clothes/accessories/shoes drive us wild. Perhaps it's that thing, that fashion thing you get, like our love for pugs and other suitably ugly hounds, these Acne Estrada wedges are perhaps so far up the ugly end of the spectrum that my curiosity has turned into true love. A strange transformation of attitudes yes, but one that I have experienced before. Deep in my Spice Girls phase. I'd found a pair of jelly wedges. The wedges really got under my skin. Everything about them bothered me, from their rubbery-ness to their wedge. I walked away chuckling to myself. Silly old wedges. Of course I went back the next week and spent all my pocket money on them. When it comes to shoes, call it a thin line between love and hate.

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