Wardrobe like woah


and that's not even the half of it

(sigh of relief) and I'm done. What you see before you are the favourite pieces of my wardrobe. I like to have it all out in the open, where I can mix and match pieces like a week's worth of mini Kelloggs cereals. Or at least that's the plan anyway. Theoretically, it should work and I should make out like a truly versatilely-dressed bandit. But the only way to achieve this is to spend some quality time with your clothes. Have a much needed fresh outfit catch-up. Put this with that and that with this and chuck in an unsuspecting bag for the hell of it. When you're down and out, mix it up and around. Over and out.


Floey said...

I agree. Then once you've spent some quality time with your own wardrobe, spend some further (light fingered) time with your best mates!! X

Kharas said...

absolutely x