Love you lots like jelly tots

the "Ludders" bag

I'll be the first to admit that I should stop going to Portobello market, sure. But this is another lovely story about a girl and a meaningful purchase. Because it's OK if it means something. My friend Ludders is luscious. We worked together for eight fine months and we never stopped talking. Not once. Strolling through Portobello (yes again) post-last day at work feeling sad and generally worried for my future, a ray of sunshine fell on this beauty and a smile fell out of my black mood. Ludders had made off with one just like it, and she loved it so much that it became attached to her, Siamese-twin stylee. So here, for the right honourable price of £5 was a good luck charm, a relic of good times passed, a friendly face even. And it was big enough to put all of my irrelevant, unnecessary belongings into. Ludders, here's to you darling, and your spot-on choice in luggage. (cue idyllic elevator music...ba da daaaaaa..)

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