Like the way you work it

chalk and glitter


with the Mr

feather go-er

tiger lily

Hats off (and head dresses on) to Natasha Khan's 'lets play red indians' style. Enchanting and fresh over and over again, I never get bored of flicking through mystical image after image, and the camera's certainly not bored of her yet. Not even a little. It's still mad about her, whether it witnesses her frolicking in a moonlight lagoon or sitting pretty as a peacock in a boxing ring, she makes for a fascinating subject, much like Bianca Jagger before her. So feast your eyes. Sometimes it's just nice to look at something pretty to get your inspiration buds buzzing. Bat for lashes is candy for the peepers. 


Becky Cope said...

love love love love lovessss her! xx

Leahhhrr said...

i love her& Bat for lashes.
Love blog xxx