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deeply dippy

smoke charmer

sister shoes



All that remains from my cheeky night out at 333 in Old Street last night are some very under-the-influence snaps and my heavy head. Urgh. An electric mix of Burlesque performers and exciting new musical acts including an electro slash rap artist and Irish knees-up-in-a-can band Jack Green and the Band of Thieves, set an intoxicated crowd alight. These are the lesser drunk pictures salvaged from a not so brilliant camera but work with me here. Most of them were taken whilst balancing a bottle of beer. The sartorial charm of this bunch lies in the details, so fix up and look sharp.


Becky Cope said...

do we know where the scoop low back top is from?! it is amazing.
found your blog via audrey, must say it is very good indeeeeed!

Kharas said...

hi darling thanks so much !

not sure where that specific ones from BUT i know Topshop do a version and also American Apparel do a whole host of dip back bits and pieces


frances said...

yum, love these photos, especially the first x

Goldswan said...

The shoes are amazing! I dream to have one of these !