Love you lots like jelly tots

jelly babies

Last summer sat on the brink of big change. It was bye-bye uni, hello New York and the dreaded move back home when I was itching to move straight to London without stopping to breathe. BUT one thing stayed the same. I bought them on a lush summers day in the Richmond Topshop store. At first I was on the fence, not sure what to make of the jelly-gladiator mongrel. But like Cinderella and her transparent slipper before me, I was at once won over when i slipped them on. We got home to stuff some pasta down our throats, get ready and get back to incestuous uni night life that had us hooked. To my surprise, I opted for the jelly's over heels in my sexy bid. My fascination continued, as the shoe transitioned from day to night, adding that certain 'edge' to my wardrobe that I had been craving. To put it literally, because the jelly's are see-through, and lacking colour, they can be worn with ANYTHING. We were inseparable. Like all great love story's, the end is a tragic one; one day whilst strolling through Greenwich Village I looked down to see one of my jelly's broken. My day was tainted miserable. Alas, all was not lost; Topshop decided to re-release the jelly slipper this year, and I have been happy ever after.

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minsquin said...

i have those exact same shoes :D
i practically lived in them last summer.