T time

Once in a fashion blue moon a very basic member of the wardrobe gets to bask in the forever-fickle limelight of ‘that’s so now’. The T-shirt. To the untrained eye, it is a garment that is almost unconsciously shoved on when style inspiration is low. Alas, with the eternal appeal of minimal effort dressing, this summer, the T has come to stand for tremendously thrown together.
As a society, we are constantly bombarded with images of celebrities doing ‘cool and casual’ from all directions. We can’t even scan the daily paper for the most current of affairs without seeing Sienna Miller in her Ray ban Wayfarers with her fashionably messy up-do or Lily Allen in her beloved ‘I’m having a day off’ long cardigans and Nike Airs. Bizarrely, to the fashion conscious, even an outfit worn to the shops on a milk and smokes run now seems to have been carefully selected and calculated to be the perfect balance of something worthy of being papped in, and ‘what? This old thing?’
It’s no surprise then that it’s the t-shirts time to shine. Though you’d have a hard time getting this trend wrong, fit is what’s important here. Whether you’re t of choice is long or short, black or white, just make sure it’s oversized, in a thigh skimming found on my boyfriend’s bedroom floor kind of way.
This garm boasts versatility to the max, perfectly capable of being dressed up or down with a swift shoe change. Think Samantha Ronson boy/girl cool for day, with a waist skimming vintage t, cigarette pants and a trilby hat propped on the back of your head. After sunset, disguise yourself as a groupie, and pair a white band t with a battered old leather jacket and some statement heels or even spiky shoe boots in any colour of the rainbow. If you stray a little over board on the over-sizing try rolling the sleeves up for the height in summer day dossing chic.
This is a summer trend to have fun with, so keep an open mind and don’t be afraid to wear a statement across your chest. Try scanning charity shops for kooky designs or even men’s clothing shops, an easy way to get dress-sized versions.
So next time you need to leg it to the newsagents, don’t despair- spare a thought for the humble t-shirt and smugly congratulate yourself on your quick and easy, well trendy ensemble- just don’t forget the milk.

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